Biscuit and Bones

all natural dog food

Feeding suggestions for a healthy, happy pet.


Good Basic Feeding Tips.

Dogs should be fed at the same time every day. Feeding at the same time will keep your dog on a bathroom schedule. Ask your vet how many times a day you should feed your dog.

When switching to a new food gradually transition him to the new food by mixing portions of both foods until you slowly phase out the old food. Your dog may experience diarrhea if his food is suddenly changed.

  1. If you are mixing our bone broths into dry food you should mix 4 parts dry food to 1 part bone broth.
  2. If you are using our bone broth as a nutrient rich drink for your pet, put out only what they will drink in 30 minutes. 
  3. Keep fresh drinking water available at all times. Change the water at least once a day, more for dogs who drool.
  4. Keep food and water bowls clean.
  5. Don't overfeed your dog.  

Your dog's weight and the daily amount to feed.

We recommend feeding 8 ounces of Biscuit and Bones dog food for every 20 pounds of your adult dog's ideal weight. Note that feeding amounts may vary depending on your dog's age, breed and activity level. More active dogs with higher energy needs may require larger servings, while less active dogs may require slightly smaller servings.

10 lbs = 4 ounces

20 lbs = 8 ounces

30 lbs = 12 ounces

40 lbs = 1 pound

50 lbs = 1 1/2 pounds

60 lbs = 2 pounds

80 lbs = 2 1/2 pounds

Slowly introduce our high protein foods.

 A dog's digestive system needs time to fully adjust to a new food. For this reason we always recommend introducing a new food over several days to make the change as smooth as possible. The easiest way would be to feed 75% of the old diet with 25% of the recommended feeding amount of the new food for a day or two, followed by 1-2 days at 50/50 and for the last couple of days feed 25% of the old food with 75% of the new. A slow change is especailly important for dogs with sensitive stomachs which may need to be changed over a longer period.

Feeding your dog fresh all-natural foods.

Biscuit and Bones fresh pet foods are complete foods. They provide a convenient version of home cooking so they include a balanced selection of high-end fresh ingredients, gently cooked and packed. With fresh ingredients and a low level of processing, Biscuit and Bones pet foods retain a very high proportion of their natural nutrients all the way to the dog bowl. However, since no preservatives are added at any stage and since the food hasn't been pasteurized like conventional wet foods, fresh foods don't stay fresh for as long as commercial pet foods. For this reason, our fresh pet foods are shipped frozen . Simply defrost in the fridge or on the kitchen counter overnight, a quick  microwave warm up of the portion will have your dogs tail wagging.  

Frozen, our pet food stays fresh for up to 12 months, once defrosted use within 7 days.