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Meet Sammie!

My dog is a 14 year old Westie named Sammie. She is the love of our Lives!  Two years ago she was diagnosed with a tumor in her bladder, and about 6 months ago she started showing many more signs of aging including skin infections, acid reflux, ear infections and going blind. She began to lose her interest in most things including eating. Not even my meatballs could get her to the bowl! Then one day I was buying a sandwich from Lou at the butcher shop and he gave me some of his new dog food to try. Joe said it was full of all natural products and even fit for human consumption! So I took it home and gave it to Sammie and she loved it! She would eat a healthy portion every day and also loves the dried beef treats.
Her demeanor has changed- she has perked up, even takes the occasional walk around the block and her vet can not believe how well she is doing. Our entire family is so happy to see Sammie living well and enjoying her food, thanks to Biscuit and Bones. I ‘d like to think it has extended her life and we are glad it did.

Maryann L., Darien, CT


My dog is 12 years old and acts like a pup. Beefy feast is better then anything you can find in a can or a bag… and my dog loves it.

— David Z. Easton,CT

Chester & Bounty

My dogs never really finished their meals before. I would come home from work to find they hadn't finished their breakfast. They love B&B beefy feast.  They come running to eat now and lick their bowls clean. Both have more energy, better breath and no more snoring. Yahoo!

— Jim G. – Stamford CT