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The great thing about feeding your animal with whole food-based USDA certified products is that you do not have to worry about routinely supplementing whole foods with isolated nutrients, because foods are generally much more nutrient-dense than conventional dog foods.  In the case of a truly 100% human-grade diet, you can supplement with nutrients simply on the basis of your own pets particular individual needs, and only when necessary.  Such occasional supplementation makes it possible for you to choose high-quality supplements for your dog instead of the typically low-grade vitamin-and-mineral mixes added by conventional pet food manufacturers to enable them legally to call their foods "balanced" or "complete".



A hypoallergenic approach to feeding your dog is generally limiting the number of ingredients in the food and therefore reducing the risk of feeding foods which may cause sensitivities or allergic reactions. Biscuit and Bones foods are made from simple and healthy recipes, using a limited number of ingredients, which are low in common allergens. All of our foods are wheat gluten-free and easily digestible.

Clear labeling.



We use real food. You will recognize all of the ingredients listed on our packaging. You will always know exactly what is going into your pet’s meals and body.

You will never find, in any of our pet foods, meat, animal or vegetable derivatives. We only use fresh restaurant-quality ingredients and are proud to list exactly what goes into our recipes. Wholesome meats and eggs are the only source of protein added. If it's not on the label then it's not in our dog food.

Our Ingredients